Friday, January 30, 2015

Train Review: Comboios De Portugal

Only two stops between Porto and Lisbon aboard the CP Alfa Pendular high-speed train

The Alfa Pendular high-speed line of the Comboios de Portugal, or CP for short, reaches speeds up to 137 mph. The ride however, was so comfortable even on a 2nd class seat that I actually fell asleep for most of the ride! There was a pay-on-board meal service, which I declined in favor of more sleep.

Enjoying the rainy ride south-bound on the CP

This particular line runs from Braga in the north, all the way to Faro in the south. In Porto, it only goes to the Campanha (where I got on) and Vila Nova de Gaia stations, and then in Lisbon it serves three stations: Oriente (my stop), Santa Apolonia and Entrecampos.

It was the third time I set foot in Lisbon...but first time by train!

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