Friday, November 8, 2013

Los Angeles: Yes, You CAN Get Around

Complimentary air travel provided by...oh wait, I live here.

Forget what you've seen and heard. Los Angeles is a big city and as such, it has an extensive public transport system that is fairly comparable to the rest of the country's other large cities and also the world's. Union Station is downtown LA's inter-modal transportation hub. Click here for the full system map.

With friends at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), now as transit-friendly as ever

Airports - yes, airports - with direct public transport to the city:
Los Angeles International (LAX) - FlyAway Union Station [INFO]
Burbank Bob-Hope Airport (BUR) - Metrolink and Amtrak [INFO] / 94 / 222* / 794 [INFO]

*Downtown Hollywood

The Red Line, connecting downtown LA with the San Fernando Valley

Metro Rail:
With 62 stations and over 73 miles of track, Metro Rail can take you just about anywhere in Southern California. During the heavy peak travel times, there are as many as 250 trains operating throughout the system.
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Bus Lines:
Most buses in the area are operated by Metro, the rest are operated by independent municipalities. It's not confusing, though. Each major street has its own primary line(s) serving it, so it's easy to grid your routing. There are a few long-haul routes that serve more than 2 major streets within their run; of some use to tourists are the following: Rapid 780 (Pasadena-Glendale-Hollywood-West LA) and Big Blue Bus 3 / R3 (Santa Monica-Venice-LAX). [INFO]

Union Station is in the area of the old pueblo of Our Lady Queen of the Angels, the original LA

Only One Ride from Downtown:
Memorial Stadium - Expo Line / 40 / 81 / Dash
Hollywood - Red Line / 2 / 302
Beverly Hills - 3 / 316 / 4 / 704 / 10 / 11 / 20 / 720
Beach - 2 / 302 / 704 / 20 / 720 / 33 / Big Blue Bus 10
Watts Towers - Blue Line
Disneyland - 460
...and many more!

Disneyland is only a bus ride from downtown LA.

Regional Rail / Further Afield:
Both Amtrak and Metrolink have served as the rail link between six Southern California counties by providing commuters and tourists seamless transportation connectivity options. You can ride these luxurious trains to spend the day up north in Santa Barbara or down south in San Diego - all conveniently from Union Station. [INFO]

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