Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pisa: Day Trip from Rome

The Pisa-Centrale Station is the starting point to your exploration of this former medieval power.

Between Pisa-Galileo Galilei Airport and city center:

If doing a day trip from Rome or Florence via Trenitalia, you arrive at the Pisa-Centrale Station, which is already located in the city center. The ride from Rome is especially scenic.

A breathtaking view of the Adriatic coast on the train ride from Rome to Pisa.

Maps are free at any airport rental car counter, information kiosk or hotel desk. Any map is fine, but the handiest are the ones from the rental car agents. For an official online version of the transport map, click here.

Main transit systems:
LAM (bus)

The city of Pisa is pretty compact; most attractions are within walking distance of each other, so taking the LAM [Rossa] bus is optional. Suggested Route: Pisa-Centrale Station > Historic City Center > Arno River > Medieval Walls > Piazza dei Miracoli (Cathedral, Baptistry and Leaning Tower Campanile)

LAM Rossa:Airport (end) <> Pisa-Centrale Station <> Leaning Tower

FACT: Prior to restoration work performed between 1990 and 2001, the tower leaned at an angle of 5.5 degrees, but the tower now leans at about 3.99 degrees. This means that the top of the tower is displaced horizontally 3.9 metres (12 ft 10 in) from where it would be if the structure were perfectly vertical.

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